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BLOCKHELDEN international boulder cup Frankenjura 2016


If you want to make money, then come to Franconia or just for the fun! One of the best

Bouldering gyms in Germany, the BLOCKHELDEN invites you for the international

bouldercup Frankenjura 2016 on Saturday, July 9th, 2016 in Erlangen, Germany. The

qualifying round will last from 1pm to 5pm, with finals starting at 6pm.


Men: 1st price: 1000€, 2nd price: 500€, 3rd price: 250€

Women: 1st price: 1000€, 2nd price: 500€, 3rd price: 250€

and great price raffle with goods worth 4290€ in total. One of the greatest climbing areas,

the Frankenjura, is only 30min away, so if you are planning on extending your stay, you

can camp next to our gym and ask top climber Markus Bock for advice where to find the

nicest routes nearby.


Date: Saturday, July 9th, 2016


Organizer: BLOCKHELDEN Boulderhalle Erlangen , Weisendorfer Str. 18, 91056 Erlangen.

Sponsoring: Next to bergfreunde.de, who has been sponsoring the bouldercup Frankenjura

2015 already, outdoor giant mammut.ch has now become the 2nd main sponsor for the event.

We are happy and proud to get such great support from our partners thank

you so much!


Registration fee:

18€ (8€ for members) if you register in advance via the link until 08.07.2016, 12am

20€ (10€ for members) with late registration on the day of the competition 09.07.2016

The registration fee will be paid on site. All participants will receive a competition TShirt.


Who can register?

There is no limitation. For minors younger than 14 years the consent of the parent or guardian is

required. Please download pdf here and bring it with you to registration. Minors under 14 years

must be accompanied by an adult.



Youth: girls and boys born 2000 and later

Bavarian University Championship: students and employees from Bavarian universities

Adults: women and men born 1999 and earlier

40 plus: women and men born 1976 and earlier



from 12pm Registration

1pm to 5pm Qualifying

5:10pm Isolation closes

6pm to 7pm Finals

from 7:30pm Award ceremony of all classes and prize raffle



Qualifying: Open mode. Of the 56 boulders, the twelve most difficult "Top" climbed boulders are

counted for each climber. The number of attempts is not included in the scoring and the rating is

to be entered on a scorecard. Each boulder will have a point value, with boulders 110


worth 1 point, boulders 1120

(Green) worth 2 points, boulders 2130

(Grey) worth 3 points,

boulders 3140

(Brown) worth 4 points, boulders 4148

(Red) worth 5 points and boulders 4956

(yellow) worth 6 points.


Finals: The six best male and female participants in the qualification will compete in the finals.

The women's and men's finals will take place on adjacent walls at the same time. The finals will

consist of three boulders, which may be considered before 10 minutes by the referee. Each

boulder has, in addition to the defined start holds, a marked zone hold in the middle and a finish

hold at the top. Participants have up to five attempts to complete each boulder or to reach its

zone hold. Here, the selected top or zone hold must be held in control and not only touched.

After each attempt, there is a change of climber. The attempts are initiated by start signal. From

the start signal the respective finalists have 20 seconds to enter the boulder. If this time is

exceeded, the test is regarded as unsuccessful. The participants may not watch other

participant’s attempts. Observing other participants is only permitted if the boulder has been

completed successfully or all five attempts were unsuccessful. In the evaluation, the number of

attempts and the reached tops and zones will count. If a tie occurs, the points obtained in the

qualifying round will be counted. Should this also result in a tie, the placement and the profits

are shared.



Dr. Guido Köstermeyer

Climbing 8c+, lecturer at the University of Erlangen, former coach of the German national team

and former vice president of the German Alpine Association, author of the classic training book,

"Peak Performance" and the training page klettertraining.de he is justifiably considered a

luminary of climbing and training theory. He has supported the boulder cup Frankenjura ever

since the beginning and will be refereeing the finals.



Johannes Kielmann, Joseph Wetzel, Marcel Barteldress

This year the team of Kletterkultur will decorate our walls with tricky competition boulders for

you. Thanks to you, guys, and of course special thanks to our great sponsor bergfreunde.de,

who makes that feasible.



Adults women and men:

1st place: 1000 €

2nd place: 500 €

3rd place: 250 €

Youth/Bavarian University Championship/40 plus:

1st, 2nd & 3rd place: Equipment from our sponsors

Additionally, raffle among all participants with prizes worth 4290€.



Bistro on site, BBQ starting around noon.

Location and Directions:

BLOCKHELDEN Bouldering gym Erlangen , Weisendorfer Str. 18, 91056 Erlangen.


What else?


Boulder market:

New this year: in our boulder market you can browse, shop or even sell stuff throughout the day.

BLOCKHELDEN boulderboutique will sell brands like E9, Nihil, Metolius, Jung, Steinwild, Prana,

Ocun, Tenaya, La Sportiva, etc. for special prices to all fashionconscious

people and is looking

forward to many sellers who join them in the fleamarket area. Does this sound familiar: the

Internet has seduced you to buy the most beautiful things and when you open the package it is

sheer horror in your face, or you realize that you already have the same item 20x in the back of

your closet…? You will probably find a new owner for your stuff in our boulder market. Please

make sure the stuff you want to sell has something to do with climbing, etc. to raise your

chances of finding a buyer. This way, we can make our contribution to sustainability and saving


Just come here, put your were onte one of our beer tables and sell as much as you can.

No registration neccessary. The bouldermarket runs from 11am till 6pm.

Who prefers bouldering instead of selling can give his things to BLOCKHELDEN who will donate

the money earned to the charitable organization: Children and medical aid for Laos of Prof. Dr.

Volker Schöffl, a passionate climber, doctor of the national climbing and bouldering team,

member of BLOCKHELDEN, specialist in surgery, Facharzt für Chirurgie, orthopaedics and

and casualty surgery at the hospital Bamberg, participand and Standbydoctor

at the international bouldercup Frankenjura 2016.


Food & Drinks:

Of course, there's only the best of the best freshly

grilled bbq from noon. Of course we also

have delicious snacks and cold drinks, so you can catch a break during the competition.




party with bonfire, Franconian beer, slacklining (the latter two don’t get along very well, but still) and much more.


Stay overnight:

You can pitch a tent or sleep in your van on site!

Więcej nowości i ciekawych artykułów znajdziesz na naszym nowym serwisie: www.magazyngory.pl
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