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Simon Parton - film z przejścia Terremer 8C

Też się tak wydzieracie robiąc życióweczkę:-)?


Simon Parton - Terremer

This is what I meant by next level try hard... I don't think I've ever squeezed so hard on any hold as much as I did on the crux of Terremer. I was not about to let go as close as I was. The crux and the last few moves certainly got my adrenaline going. I get a little rambunctious at the top and it continued long after the video cuts out... :s Unfortunately the video does miss the first move. Low low quality for now, the internet is very slow and sporadic at the Rock Ranch, 5MB was the biggest I could upload after many tries.Terremer, Video by Sam Davis

Posted by Simon Parton on 19 grudnia 2015



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